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The problem: Capture speed on film.
The response: Rush!



Total DVD running time: 27 Mins


Cameron Male and the team let loose the Nitro GT Ford to explore the limits of the car, driving technique and cinematography. Experience the wild ride of capturing speed on film. We burn out tires, destroy cameras and forget the purpose of the traction control button in the hunt for the perfect sideways burnout shot.

Get in, sit down, and hold on.
Here comes the Rush…

As a bonus feature, "Directors Commentary" is available on the entire length of the Main Feature audio track. This gives you the 'inside edge' of exactly how the production was put together, including the number of tyres as the DVD progresses.


Rush Trailer


Behind the Scenes Footage



Music Submissions

The first challenge: To capture speed on film.
The next challenge: How to capture speed in music?

We invited music composers from all over the world to submit a music score that would suit the action and speed of RUSH. Listen and see a variety of the scores that were submitted from the heart-pumping, to the not so fantastic, you be the judge.

Production Photos

57 of the best production stills, every photo captures a moment in time during the production of 'RUSH'

Production Team

An outline of the 'who's who' at Traction Control Films. Why do they make car movies and what drives them.

Nitro GT Profile

What exactly is the 'Nitro GT', what has been modified and a dyno graph to see exactly the power output.


Scene Selection

On one screen, select and see the first 30 seconds of every chapter of the entire feature . . . at once.


The Chase is On Menu

DVD Feature List, The Chase is on Trailer, Official Poster Graphic, 36 Production Photos, some 'never seen before'