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FORD FPV - BA GT-P Special Build #200


The Ford Performance Vehicle GT-P is not an ordinary, run-of-the-mill car; it is the pride of the Ford Performance Vehicles fleet - the hero car of the Ford Australia range. Starting life as a GTP, with the Boss 290 powerplant and grand touring creature comforts, was a good start for the Nitro-GT. However, the makers of The Chase is On did not need a hero car for the movie, they needed a superhero.

Australia's No.1 Ford Enhancement Specialist, Rob Herrod, was called in with a simple brief - unleash the animal that lurks beneath that svelte exterior all in a package that would be equally comfortable in peak-hour traffic as it would be on the race-track. Starting with approximately 216rwkW's, the aim was to enhance the vehicles performance without placing detrimental stress on the factory drive-train and deliver a gutteral V8-roar that would reverberate through history all the way back to the halcyon days of the 'Phase 3' XY-GTHO.


A plan of attack was devised - let the beast breathe. A cold-air induction system, BMC Hi-flow air-filter and Herrod Helix Spacer would allow the Boss to gulp volumes of fresh, cool air, whilst spend gases are evacuated via tuned-length headers, hi-flow catalytic converters, and mandrel-bent exhaust system to ensure maximum flow, torque, power and fuel economy. All this mated to the ultimate Boss tuning device - the Herrod Stealth Computer Module, to maximise fuel-burn characteristics, idle-control, Automatic shift-patterns and raise the factory redline from 5,900 to a safe 6,300 RPM, all of which delivers in excess of 270 rwkW's.


The Nitro-GT: Executive-Express by day, track-stalker by night.

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