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Stealing the cash was easy, getting away was the hard part.


Hot-wired' from the '70's & '80s genre of Aussie muscle car movies, two GT fanatics are fuelled by revenge after being double crossed by the Mafia.
Their mission; steal the money back plus interest. Strap yourself in and hit the nitrous, as this 30 minute film takes you on a wild ride across the streets of Melbourne.
As the chase unfolds, the GT boys encounter a little more than they bargained for. Will the new GT outrun the Mafia's 300 Kw monster? the chase is on.



The action featured in 'THE CHASE IS ON' is extremely dangerous. All stunt scenes were filmed on a race track and in controlled conditions. High speed pursuits and street racing may cause serious injury. While driving, always wear your seatbelt and use the proper safety equipment. Never attempt to duplicate this driving on public roads. It can result in permanent injury and even death. The drivers in this film are professionals with years of training and experience. Please do not try any of this yourself. Be smart. Drive safe. Stay legal. The producers and sponsors of this film are in no way responsible for any injury or death as a result of viewing this film.

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