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Ford GT fanatics produce short-film, “The Chase is On”

Ford GTs are the stars in Australian producer/director Cameron Male’s debut short-film, “The Chase is On”.

The thirty minute film is largely action with minimal dialogue. According to writer Paul Pittorino, "The cars are the stars". Using original Ford XY GTs and their modern counterpart, the GT-P, “The Chase is On” features adrenaline pumping adventure through the streets of Melbourne.

Eight cars combining over 3000 horsepower and $650,000 street value were used to shoot the film. It took more than a year to shoot. The most expensive and oldest car was the blue XYGT, the very same car used in the latest Ford FPV advertisement appearing on billboards and TV. The most powerful car was a Yellow Holden Monaro which produced over 700 horsepower with thanks to its monster supercharger. The film shared some similar characteristics with Mad Max 1, which were shot in the Fairhaven and Airey's Inlet area and also produced without a budget. The guys who drove the cars, owned the cars.

Film Synopsis: 'Hot-wired' from the '70's & '80s genre of Aussie muscle car movies, two Ford GT fanatics are fuelled by revenge after being double crossed by the Mafia. Their mission - steal the money back, plus interest. They must find a getaway car, locate the cash and escape before the Mafia catches up with them. Stealing the money was easy, getting away is the hard part.

The 30 minute film takes the viewer on a wild ride across the streets of Melbourne. As the chase unfolds, the GT boys encounter a little more than they bargained for. Will the new GT outrun the Mafia's 300 Kw monster? … now the chase is on.

This film was fortunate to have some added editing expertise from an international documentary-film editor, who gave the shoot footage a dynamic and challenging feel whilst respecting the original vision. He comments that this film is in stark contrast to street racing footage of films such as "The Fast and the Furious" which depict illegal and unsafe actions.

Shot on and off location, "The Chase is On" had strong ethical precepts since day one. The film's cinematographer, Tim Ali said, "When shooting the film, Traction Control Films always kept in mind the influence this film would have upon a new generation of drivers".

All speed limits and road laws were obeyed in order to provide a good example to the film's viewers.

Following a near sell-out crowd of performance car enthusiasts at Federation Square's cinematic centerpeice "The Chase is On" made its world premiere at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) on Friday June 18, 2004.

Over the coming weeks and months, "The Chase is On" will screen in other States, check for exact dates. Members of the production staff will be available for comment after the screenings.

The DVD is now available from selected retail outlets. For a full list visit or you can purchase it online at the secure website.

Media contact: Cameron Male, Producer