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THE CHASE IS ON - Hot-wired' from the '70's & '80s genre of Aussie muscle car movies, two GT fanatics are fuelled by revenge after being double crossed by the Mafia. Their mission; steal the money back plus interest. Strap yourself in and hit the nitrous, as this 30 minute film takes you on a wild ride across the streets of Melbourne.
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watch online now only 99 cents

RUSH - Experience the wild ride of capturing speed on film. We burn out tires, destroy cameras and forget the purpose of the traction control button in the hunt for the perfect sideways burnout shot.
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herald sun review

Once the boys at the Herald Sun Newspaper copped a whiff of our car film, there was no holding them back, they went nuts. "rebirth of Australian car films, such as Mad Max".
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" . . our Melbourne based film would portray Australia's unique car culture. After all, the people driving the cars, own the cars. This is a movie made by enthusiasts . . . for enthusiasts."
Cameron Male, Producer