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THE CHASE IS ON - Hot-wired' from the '70's & '80s genre of Aussie muscle car movies, two GT fanatics are fuelled by revenge after being double crossed by the Mafia. Their mission; steal the money back plus interest. Strap yourself in and hit the nitrous, as this 30 minute film takes you on a wild ride across the streets of Melbourne.
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watch online now only 99 cents

RUSH - Experience the wild ride of capturing speed on film. We burn out tires, destroy cameras and forget the purpose of the traction control button in the hunt for the perfect sideways burnout shot.
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herald sun review

Once the boys at the Herald Sun Newspaper copped a whiff of our car film, there was no holding them back, they went nuts. "rebirth of Australian car films, such as Mad Max".
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" . . our Melbourne based film would portray Australia's unique car culture. After all, the people driving the cars, own the cars. This is a movie made by enthusiasts . . . for enthusiasts."
Cameron Male, Producer

Cameron Male, Producer. 

As early as I can remember, I’ve always loved Aussie muscle cars. After first watching “Running on Empty” at the cinema in the early 80’s, my interest in these cars turned into a passion. The concept of the movie was born the day I went for a ride in a Phase III XY GT HO. At this point my passion quickly turned into a vision to make Australia’s next full feature car cult film.

Its 2003, that vision becomes closer to reality when I arm myself with a new video camera and take possession of my new Ford BA GT-P. Not being happy with simply copying “Gone in 60 seconds” or “The Fast and the Furious”, I wanted to produce my own style of car movie with a distinctive Australian feel – merging a visual documentary about the cars together with a basic story line. In my opinion, the focus of the movie, after all, should be “the cars” and not the actors or violence, nor the sex or drug scene. Australia sadly lacks any sort of modern, decent car films with Australian cars filmed in the Australian landscape.

Planning the shoot verged on the impossible.  Having no financial backing or sponsorship meant that closing roads, high speed driving and mind blowing stunts were not an option. While I was lucky enough to have access to the cars, losing licenses, going to jail or damaging the cars were also not on the options list.

We knew our first movie was not going to be a Hollywood multi-million dollar blockbuster film. Instead, our Melbourne based film would portray Australia's unique car culture. After all, the people driving the cars, own the cars. This is a movie made by enthusiasts . . . for enthusiasts. This is a movie where 'the cars are the stars'. The plot is simple, there is no budget, acting has been kept to a minimum and the focus of the film is 'cars'.

The movie has ended up featuring some of the latest Aussie muscle cars to hit the road in Australia, melded with some classic Ford iron from the early seventies. As we started shooting, our crew extended to enthusiasts ranging from FPV, HSV and other car clubs, internet forum members and students of media courses all donating their time, cars and hard work and all sharing the vision of the Aussie car cult movie.

Our goal now is to make more Australian car films; get them out there and in the process, encourage other people to get involved in their passion for great cars, motor sport, car cruises, car clubs and online forums. 

Keep a look out for our cars at car cruises, car shows, expos, etc, as they are usually cruising in a line and difficult to miss.

See you on the road,

Cameron Male